At Central Illinois Endoscopy Center, the patient is our focus. We aren’t just performing procedures, we are caring for individuals and their families. Here’s what our patients have to say about the care they received at CIEC.

  • Very satisfied with everything.  I was more relaxed, than being at the hospital getting this procedure done.  A very comfortable setting.

  • I was impressed with the new Endo Center.  Everything went well-everyone from beginning to end was friendly and helpful.  I thank everyone and appreciate them.

  • I was very happy with how the doctors, nurses and everyone treated me and cared for me.  I had been very nervous about this since this was my first colonoscopy.  They really helped me feel calm & not so nervous.

  • People were friendly.  I thought the service I received was very good. Everybody was kind and courteous. I was very impressed. I am, however, thankful for the advancement of medical technology today.

    The facility was clean and inviting. Did not feel like a “hospital”.

  • At times it is very difficult to draw blood from me, because I have such small veins. This nurse had no problem at all. Thanks.

  • Compassionate, informative, provided warm blankets, listened, asked pertinent questions.  IV inserted easily.

  • Oh my, what a great experience at the Center-Would recommend the Center over the hospital anytime, which I have already done.

  • Very efficient, quick, top rated nursing & doctor care.  Much faster AND cheaper than a hospital! Thank you very much!

  • Being my 1st time, I was very nervous & everyone reassured me it was going to be fine, and it was.

  • Excellent, Excellent, I have already recommended your facility to half dozen people!  One had an appointment elsewhere and changed it to you!

  • I was very pleased with my experience at the Endoscopy Center & would recommend it without reservations! Thanks for making my colonoscopy as pleasant as possible!!

  • The care I received was outstanding.  Your center is calm, pleasant, and as pleasant as it is possible!

  • I was very impressed with this center. Everything went well. Everyone from beginning to end was friendly and helpful. I thank everyone and appreciate them.

  • Everyone at CIEC is very nice and they are very capable.  I trust Dr. T with my life!  He is excellent.

  • Waiting room was clean and comfortable.  Parking was unexpectedly easy.  The prep room was warm, roomy and comfortable-very nice-very private.

  • I would give you 5 stars!

  • The waiting room was clean and comfortable. Parking was unexpectedly easy. The prep room was warm, roomy and comfortable – very nice, very private.

  • I have been coming to the Center for over 5 years and am very pleased with the staff and care they provide. Everyone is very professional & friendly. The procedures performed on me by *Dr. Kuga have made a huge improvement in my health. VERY HAPPY with him and all the staff! As far as I am concerned, everyone does a GREAT job. Thanks for your care.

  • What a great experience at the Center. I would recommend it over the hospital any time.

  • I would rate your place 5 stars!

  • I was surprised *Dr. Treanor stopped in before procedure. Nurse very friendly and efficient creating a sense of calm at a time you feel most vulnerable.

  • I had been very nervous since this was my first colonoscopy. The doctors and nurses helped me feel calm.

  • No suggestions for improvement-we were very impressed.

  • Excellent staff, personable, warm and comforting demeanors, clean and neat.