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Ensuring that your digestive system is clean, and empty is critical to a safe and accurate procedure. Your physician has prescribed the preparation option that is most appropriate for your needs.

Today’s options include bowel preps (if appropriate for you) that can be more pleasant such as the SUTAB®/Clear Liquid bowel prep. Patients state the tablets are easy to swallow and make this bowel prep more tolerable. It features swallowing 12 SUTAB® tablets – each with a sip of water, followed by drinking a quantity of water as outlined in detailed bowel prep, starting at 6 pm night before. This is then repeated at 6 am the morning of your colonoscopy. The entire SUTAB® Clear Liquid bowel prep is detailed below.

I have a question about my preparation. What should I do?

If you have any questions, please call your physician or contact us.