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We Raised the Bar on Patient Comfort

We Raised the Bar on Patient Comfort
September 1, 2016 mcdmarketing

We Raised the Bar on Patient Comfort

Central Illinois Endoscopy Center recently transitioned to the EndoStratus CO2 Insufflator, a means to providing optimal comfort during the procedure for their patients.

Insufflation, required for colonoscopy and other endoscopic procedures, is the main cause for post-procedural patient discomfort. Traditional insufflation, accomplished by using room air, causes uncomfortable bloating and pressure. Tests have shown that patients given CO2 versus room air during colon insufflation are more comfortable during and after the procedure. Studies have also shown that use of CO2 during colonoscopy results in faster procedures, shorter recovery room time, fewer nursing care tasks and less nursing care time for patients prior to discharge, compared to those receiving room air.

According to Andy Paulson, CIEC’s Executive Director, “this is not new technology but a change designed to     increase patient comfort and satisfaction. CO2 is quickly absorbed into the body so the patient will not feel    bloated when the procedure is done. They feel “normal” in recovery and are ready to leave much quicker. We have seen our time in recovery fall from an average of 48 minutes to an average of 40 minutes during the first month.”

CIEC has set excellent standards for patient care and safety. The EndoStratus CO2 Insufflator ensures the most comfortable treatment methods are provided for their patients.

The EndoStratus™ CO2 Insufflator is a versatile carbon dioxide pumping system developed by Medivators, Inc., a Cantel Medical Company, a leading medical device manufacturer with over thirty years in endoscopy infection prevention and providing medical devices and products used in endoscopy.