Quality Indicators

Infection Rate

Over 60,000 procedures performed since 2009 with a 0% infection rate

Patient Satisfaction

Central Illinois Endoscopy has contracted with Press Ganey (an independent 3rd party organization) to conduct patient satisfaction surveys.  The surveys provide patients an opportunity to rate their experiences at CIEC and also to provide specific comments.  Our overall patient satisfaction rating is 95% and 98% of our patients would recommend CIEC to others.

Please click here to read some comments from our patients.

Length of Stay

This is the time you can expect to spend at CIEC from admission to discharge.

Currently the length of time you can expect to be at CIEC is 1 hour 45 minutes.  This is less that the amount of time you would spend at a hospital having the same procedure completed.  At CIEC we value your time!

Adenoma Detection Rate (ADR)

ADR is defined as the number of patients with at least one adenoma (Pre-cancerous polyp) detected during a screening colonoscopy.  Higher ADR is associated with significant protection against colorectal cancer in the five years following a screening colonoscopy.

National Standards for ADR are 30% in Men and 20% in Women.

The ADR at Central Illinois Endoscopy exceeds the national standards.  Our current ADR is 50% for Men and 40% for Women.