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Bowel Prep Tips

Bowel Prep Tips
September 15, 2016 mcdmarketing

Bowel Prep Tips

  1. Drink prep cold.
  2. Drink prep with a straw.
  3. Add yellow crystal light powder to help flavor.
  4. Suck on lemon drops to mute taste.


  1. Apply A & D ointment or diaper rash cream before starting prep and after each loose stool to protect your skin and ease pain.
  2. Buy some soft toilet paper with Aloe.
  3. Get some magazines or books you can read while your in the bathroom.
  4. Prepare the bathroom (you will be spending a lot of time in there!)! Clean it if you think the corner fuzz balls will drive you crazy, or make it cozy with flowers or candles.
  5. Bowel prep is not as bad as you think. For most people they only have to drink once every ten years to prevent colon cancer.