Your Colonoscopy: What to Expect

There seems to be a lot of fear surrounding a Colonoscopy – either concern about the procedure itself or worry about the results. It is our goal to help minimize these concerns by providing you with some answers.

Why do I need a Colonoscopy?

Colonoscopies save lives. Remember, 90% of colon cancer deaths can be prevented by a Colonoscopy.

Will I be awake during the Colonoscopy?

You’ll be lightly sedated and will probably not remember the procedure at all.

How do I prepare for the Colonoscopy?

You will receive specific directions including fasting and drinking a special “prep” solution. Some improvements to the solution have been made in recent years. Talk to us if you have specific concerns.

What if I’m afraid of a Colonoscopy?

Many people are nervous about the procedure before-hand but are pleasantly surprised to find it’s not a difficult or painful procedure. Don’t let fear keep you from having this life-saving screening. Talk to us during your consultation about any nervousness you might have. Learning more about the process will likely allay your fears.

Talk to us about a Colonoscopy.

The Colonoscopy information provided here is for general purposes only. It is not a substitute for individual medical advice, diagnosis or treatment from your physician. All procedures carry the potential risk of complications. Your healthcare provider will give you specific details about your individual situation. Please contact our staff here in Peoria, Illinois for Colonoscopy information specific to your case.